So, what you might see as a discarded trunk once used to put clothes in and take on a trip, screams to me, “how do I become meaningful again” It’s all about transformation. And about taking chances and about trusting yourself and following inspiration and creating meaning. It’s also about connecting to nature and art combined.

, Upcycling for Connection


The genius behind Phillips charming, playful creations is the marriage of glassware, ceramics, metal and natural additions like wood or rock with a wide variety of succulents and other plants. The concept isn’t new—succulents have become Pinterest darlings in the last few years— and why not? They’re hearty, easy to grow, require less water than many other plants and are easy to propagate. But Phillips’ upcycling of discarded items and using several different pieces to invoke an entirely new interpretation of both the plants and their planters is wholly unique. 

“I’m not the typical “put a succulent in a watering can,” kind of person, she admits. “I wanted my creations to be more unique and meaningful. And I like the idea of using repurposed items. I started putting these together and couldn’t stop. I fell in love with the process and my clients and customers seem to love the results.”

I have transformed a space of weeds and ivy into a magical garden in which I grow the plants I use and showcase my creations. There are obvious atypical items in my garden, like a VW bug door, a turn of the century piano, a retired phone booth and mannequins. If you look closely you will find smaller repurposed treasurers, like planted tennis shoes, travel chests, and large gun shells.

I have a plant and food trade section in which I share cuttings and vegetables with my community.  It is my belief that personally connecting with art and nature is not enough. We must also pass that spiritual connection between our community. I have been a counselor in an outdoor education camp for most of my life. This tradition of working within nature to explore ourselves, share our gifts, receive together from the Earth, and create a loving community is my religion.

There are monthly opportunities for individuals or small groups to tour my garden and discuss our deep connection to art and nature within its sacred space. Please call or email for more information.